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42U Cabinet Upgrade with Zero Business Interuption

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Case Study No.002ClientSelco Builders WarehouseOverviewTo upgrade an existing 27U cabinet to a 42U cabinet out of hours in one night! Making sure everything is tested and working ready for the store to open at 06:30am.IndustryBuilders MerchantProject Name42U Cabinet Upgrade with Zero Business InteruptionProject LocationKingbury, LondonSquare ft. of space20,000 square footShare

The client is a leading builders merchant with over 70 stores in the UK looking to upgrade their cabinet in the store.

Client Aim
To upgrade their cabinet to allow for new hardware and future growth, with the work being carried out in one night, out of hours and with zero business interruption.

Client Objectives
• Flexible partner
• For the work to be completed out of hours
• For the work to be completed in less than 11 hours
• Allow for future growth with minimal disruption
• New cabinet needed to be deep enough to fit new hardware
• Fixed cost with no hidden fees

Challenges they faced
• Needing zero business interruption during working hours
• Needing a larger cabinet that fits a small space
• Finding a partner to deliver this project out of hours
• Not wanting to have a senior IT team on site overnight
• Needed a trusted partner and competent partner

Special considerations
Client required zero business interruption during working hours. This meant that as the stakes were so high, we prepared for all eventualities; one of which included having a fresh team on site at 6am to handover from the night team, and support the store on opening.

As we were working with limited space, in order to fit a new larger cabinet we also needed to move an existing cabinet.

Services delivered

Cabinet Upgrade – We needed to catalogue the existing topology and layout of the network, uninstall the existing patch leads, patch panels and hardware, and finally remove the existing cabinet, ready to install the new upgraded cabinet. New cabinet included new cabinet accessories, the cables were redressed into the cabinet giving it a professional aesthetic look. Finally the hardware was reinstalled and the patching was put back in place exactly as before but in a tidier fashion.

Racking and stacking – We followed a pre-agreed methodology in order to deliver the exact layout and configuration that the client needed.

Cabinet Patching – We repatched the network to its exact previous configuration.

First Day Support – A competent set of hands to help their staff with support upon store opening.