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Cabinet Maintenance

Cabinet tidy and cabinet upgrade

A data cabinet or (Comms Cabinet) is a piece of equipment used to store, organise and protect network equipment. Each separate shelf will be used for hardware, such as routers, switches and modems, and it creates a centralized place for all your equipment to be held.

A tidy and well maintained cabinet will help your business stay efficient for so many reasons – more than anything because if a cabinet is tidy and well labelled it can be managed any anyone, instead of the one person who can understand the chaos!

Most of the time when you need to upgrade or tidy your cabinet it’s because the size of your business has grown and therefore the needs of your infrastructure have changed – meaning your current data cabinet is not fit for purpose or it needs a good old’ fashioned tidy!
We have bespoke plans offered to our clients depending on their needs. Broadly speaking, our packages are as follows:


With this package, we will remove redundant patch leads, redundant kit, and IT hardware and repatch your leads making sure all leads are the same length and labeled clearly.


This is our cabling MOT package. In addition to what is offered in our silver package, we will re-terminate your patch panels and re-test your infrastructure, repairing any damaged outlets.


Sometimes your business will outgrow its current cabinet or the current cabinet capabilities, and so with our platinum package, we will undertake a full cabinet upgrade. We will upgrade the whole cabinet, leaving you with a tidy, well labelled cabinet which will not only run efficiently but will be very pleasing to the eye.


The standard colours are grey and black.

Ideally, it is when disruption will have the least impact on your systems.

Depending on which package you have, the cabinet tidy to upgrade can take between 0.5 days up to 2.5 days. If you are as business operating Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, we would probably carry out these works over a weekend.

We colour code the cables to ensure they are easy to identify when there’s a problem, and high priority cables are usually in red. We then stick a colour code to the cabinet. All this will make it easier to support your infrastructure and reduce your support costs.