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Top 10 Tips for Home Ethernet Wiring


1. Fix your Zoom video call connection issues

Video calling has gone from something we did during lockdown to the new normal, so the expectation is that we have a reliable connection – having a hard-wired cable solves this problem so no more jittery video calls or lagging.

2. Get more out of your internet

Did you know you can lose up to 75% of your speed over wi-fi just based on the location of the router? So while when you’re online shopping you might not notice it, if you’re streaming, gaming or making a zoom call you may find your connection is poor even though you’re paying for high speed.

3. Plan it around home decorating/renovations

Any work carried out on your home to add additional wiring can be disruptive – why not plan it around other work you’re having done. This also mean you can hide the cables in the walls before you redecorate!

4. Do your homework!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your supplier – you can tell a lot about a company by their responses. Ask to see their work – remember this is your home, you don’t want something just thrown in.

5.Think big!

Think “what might I need Data Cabling for over the next 5-10 years?”. Think about what you’re going to use your rooms for and how that might change. Could you need a home office, gaming or cinema room? Here’s a few devices around the home which you may have now or may be buying over the years to come;

IP CCTV protecting your home
An additional router – because sometimes your router isn’t always installed in the best location
Additional wireless access points – to make sure you have a strong signal in every part of your home – that’s includes your garden!
Audio Visual Solution
SONOS Wireless Speakers
Home office
Ring Doorbell – PoE model
Smart TVs for Streaming
6. Hardwire your Sky Q box

While you can have multiple Sky Q boxes in your home, they run on Wi-Fi which means depending on the size of your home or e.g. if your home is extended this can be a major problem. We’re receiving more calls where the Sky Q boxes just don’t talk to each other even though there’s a Wi-Fi signal in the room – so hardwire your box!

7. Don’t forget the garden!

Over the last few years we’ve all had to spend more time at home, with more people creating an outdoor living space. When you’re considering this, think “do I need Wi-Fi out there?” you might need Wi-Fi for your speakers.

8. Don’t let your electrician do it!

Nearly all of our call outs to residential properties are due electricians installing data cabling poorly and as result their customers experience intermittent connections or faulty outlets. Use data cabling specialist (like 2580 Group!) as they have dedicated data cabling department delivering high quality installations every day.

9. Buy a switch

Did you know that most routers from your Internet Service Provider come with 2-4 ethernet ports on the back? This means you can connect up to 4 devices hard wired. However if you require more than this, you’ll need to invest in a switch to give you extra ports. Switches like this are available online for less than £100 and give you up to 24 additional ports.

10. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more – Do it right do it once!

Remember, you get what you pay for! While poorly installed data cabling should work, it will struggle to support high data users such as gamers or people streaming shows on Netflix. So you want to do it right the first time! Plan ahead, and find the right partner; it’ll save you lots of money in the long run, and it means you don’t need to disrupt your home again.

10. Find a home for all your cables

If you’re considering installing more than 4 cables, you’re going to need a base for them to go back to. The best place is usually a storeroom or under the stairs! This is the ideal location as its hidden away so you don’t have to see them every day. Stay are from damp or moist areas such as the garage.